Tesnit Compressed Gasket Materials - BA-GL


Gasket material with excellent torque retention, good steam and thermal resistance

TESNIT® BA-GL is an excellent soft gasketing material composed of selected synthetic fibres and bonded with NBR. Material has a superior torque retention and good steam resistance. It has very good thermal resistance in combination with good gas sealability. Material is also suitable for use with water, oils, gases, fuels and many acids. TESNIT® BA-GL complies with the requirements of BS 7531 Grade X and covers the very wide application range.

 Basis  Glass fibres, NBR
 Approvals  CRS, DIN-DVGW (DIN 3535/6), Germanischer Lloyd, HTB (DVGW VP 401), TA-LUFT (VDI 2440)

Properties and application

Gasket material for sealing of very broad range of media at high temperatures.

Surface Treatment

Treatment with graphite, PTFE and antistick coating is available on request.

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