Donit Tesnit Standard Line Gasket Materials


Standard Line Gasket MaterialsStandard line of compressed gasket materials are the high quality materials produced on specially designed rollers called calanders. A pasty mixture of material is placed into the gap between a large heated roller and a small cooled roller, until the desired thickness is achieved. The quality of gasket materials produced in the calandering process is influenced by the following main parameters: working pressure, temperature of the rollers and speed of the rollers. Standard line of compressed gasket materials consist of fibres and fillers which are bonded together by rubber. The final properties of compresed gasket materials are also in connection with: quality and quantity of the fibres, the degree of openness of individual fibres, and the amount and the type of fillers and rubber used.

BA-202 - Gasket material for lower loadings

BA-203 - Gasket material for medium loadings

BA-50 - Gasket material with good mechanical and chemical properties

BA-55 - Gasket material with excellent thermal properties and good steam resistance

BA-U - Gasket material with good mechanical, chemical and thermal properties

BA-GL - Gasket material with excellent torque retention, very good steam resistance

BA-CF - Gasket material with excellent resistance against steam and strong alkalies

BA-Auto - Gasket material with controlled swell properties

BA-N - Gasket material with extremelly good resistance to cooling media

BA-C - Gasket material with very good resistance to acids and alkaline media

BA-R - Wire reinforced gasket material with great strength