Tesnit Compressed Gasket Materials - BACF 4000


Environment friendly gasket material with very good resistance to steam and strong alkaline media.

BACF 4000 is a premium-quality-grade gasket material based on a combination of aramide and carbon fibres, specially selected fillers, additives and elastomeric binders. With a careful selection of components the material is free of harmful nitrosoamines (certified by MRPRA) and fibers which are hazardous to human health. Additionally, when it is applied at high temperatures, no significant emission of hazardous degradation products has been detected. Apart from better sealability resulting in an important decrease of fugitive emission levels, the new material has also outstanding creep-relaxation as well as excellent chemical resistance especially in alkaline media. BACF 4000 is in compliance with DIN 28091-2 and BS 7531 Grade X requirements.


Composition Carbon fibres, NBR
DIN 28091-2 FA-C1-0
Colour Greenish blue / Black
Approvals applied for BAM, DIN-DVGW (DIN 3535/6), HTB (DVGW VP 401), TA-LUFT (VDI 2440), TARC/MRPRA

Properties and application


A combination of carbon and aramide fibers together with carefully selected fillers and binders in BACF 4000 is utilized to contribute to the improvement of chemical and thermal stability. BACF 4000 has very high torque retention properties, excellent chemical resistance and sealability, which enables low maintenance costs and high gasket safety. Due to its outstanding chemical properties and steam resistance BACF 4000 is a first-rate choice in sealing strong alkaline media and steam. BACF 4000 meets all demands for application in chemical industry, pulp and paper industry and saturated steam distribution. Special surface treatment provides simple replacement of the gasket after use. BACF 4000 can also be used as a superior material for the sealing of oils, fuels, gases, Freons, and for general application in pipelines, radiators, boilers and many other flanged joints.


Surface Treatment


The standard version has a non-stick top and bottom layer. Additional surface treatment is generally unnecessary. Special treatment with graphite, silicone or PTFE on one or both sides is available on request.


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