Pyro-Tex Joint Sealant

Slade’s self-forming gasket, the Pyro-Tex Joint Sealant, is made from patented graphite-foil encapsulated carbon-fiber reinforcement yarns. This self-forming gasket when in place is compressed to fit snugly. The Pyro-Tex Joint Sealant HP (high pressure) is made from the same patented graphite-foil encapsulated stainless-steel foil reinforcement yarns as our sheet. Available in 15,2m spools in various configurations, shapes, and thicknesses.

Why use Pyro-Tex JS Gasket?

Saves time/Reduces stock 

PT JS HP installationPT JS HP installation


PYRO-TEX JS HP Heat Exchanger Gasket
Reinforcement:Reinforced with Flat Metal Leaf Springs (304SS) stainless steel, encapsulated in a thick vermiculated graphite foil jacket
Temp:Up to 1800°F/1000°C
Pressures:Up to 4500 PSI/310 BAR 
pH Range:1-14
Heat Exchangers, large cross section flanges, ventillator housings, High temperature, high pressure critical services
- Can be used on warped and heavily oxidized surfaces
- Change gasket without pulling out the tube bundles
- Adhesive bonds in place during installation
- Self forms into endless gasket
- Made to virtually any thickness or width
- Never hardens or dries out
- Metallic reinforcement impedes extrusion
- Readjustable, often re-usable
- Individual strands reinforced with: carbon fiber or 304 SS
- Packaged on plastic spools
- Inventory just one or two sizes
- More reliable than PTFE joint sealants
- Eliminates large inventories, normally just two sizes needed